The Role of the Truck Accident Attorney in the Claims Process

You deserve compensation after a truck accident that was triggered by the negligence of the truck company or its driver. You need to sign an agreement with the lawyer. The contract between the truck accident lawyer and the attorney is called a Retainer Agreement or Letter of Engagement. The simplicity or complexity of the agreement depends on the law firm. Review and negotiate the agreement before signing it to ensure that the terms of the agreement are suitable for you. The contract’s details include acknowledgement of the existence of a confidential lawyer-client relationship; payment agreements like contingent fees, expenses and payment for recovery or not recovering the damages; terms of cancelling the contract; how attorney should conduct the case, investigations, negotiation of medical expenses, more; waiting duration for claims and more.

Your lawyer will guide you on what to or not do when dealing with all parties that are involved in your case. You should be cautious with who you discuss the case with, once you hire an attorney. Limit your discussions about the case to your attorney alone. The parties involved in this case are the medical, auto, and other insurance companies that you contracted, police, the trucking company, and its driver, DMV, and the doctors. Get the doctor’s report on time. Do not disclose the contacts of your truck accident attorney to these parties, answer their questions, or sign any document without consulting your lawyer. Report the accident to your medical and auto insurers but nothing more than that. Never file a report about the accident to the police and the DMV before consulting your truck accident injury lawyers

Allow the attorney to carry out investigations without your interference. Cooperate with the attorney when you are called upon — hand over all the basic evidence that is in your possession like the medical reports. You should be honest with the details that you give the attorney about your encounter in the accident. The lawyers will visit the scene of the accident with the accident scene investigators; search for camera footages from the cameras that are in the area; locate more eyewitnesses, review appointments that you have with your doctor and the medical; reconstruct the accident; meet insurance and truck company’s claims adjusters and more.

The lawyers will gather evidence to support your case. Once the evidence is collected and compiled, you and your lawyers forward the claims demand to the insurer or Truck Company through a personal injury demand letter. The letter contains how the claimant has been affected physically, emotionally, financially, and so on by accident. A specific amount of cash is demanded in the letter for them to be freed from being liable for the accident. You can go here if you need more solutions. 

They will help you to settle the claims with the relevant party outside the court. The truck company or insurer, depending on the party you are dealing with, will gather their evidence and evaluate their case for a settlement or trial. They can accept the demands and settle you outside the court, negotiate the terms and present a counteroffer that you will be settled outside the court when you reach an agreement or they or you can file a lawsuit if you cannot reach an agreement. The truck accident lawyers will be with you throughout regardless of the decision of the truck company or insures.

The lawyers will guide you and represent you if a lawsuit is your last option to resort to. File a legal complaint with the appropriate courts with guidance from your truck accident lawyers, and the process of discovery will begin. All parties exchange their documents, legal details and questionnaires, conduct depositions, and requested documents outside the courtroom. If a resolution cannot be reached, the court makes the final ruling on your truck accident personal injury claim and the financial amount you should be compensated. Learn more about personal injury case claims here:

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